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2021 Mazda 6s Redesign And Concept

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2021 Mazda 6s
   Redesign and Concept

2021 Mazda 6s Redesign And Concept – 2021 Mazda 6s

When it comes to high-performance machinery, there has been no bigger time in the history of the automobile. From 1200-horsepower, multi-million-dollar Veyrons to $23,000, 300-horsepower/30-mpg musclecars, we absolutely do acquire it all.

2021 Mazda 6s
 Review and Release date

But for how long? Are we at the aiguille of automotive performance, or aloof the beginning? We apperceive the approaching of the auto will accumulate accepting greener, but breadth does that leave those who adulation rev-matched downshifts and the synchronized scream of pistons, cams, valves, and crank at wide-open throttle?

Just what is the approaching of performance? We surveyed the industry and asked several key experts to attending 10 years into the approaching of high-performance cars. You’ll be afraid at what they told us…


“I will not be animate any more. And I achievement I’m still alive some time, but I’m assertive it will still be in existence. It will breach one of the best solutions, and not alone for motorsport. ” -Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich, Head of Audi Motorsport

The affection of any BMW M5 is its able engine. For the 2012 model, that agency the aforementioned 4.4-liter twin-turbo V-8 that produces 555 application and 500 pound-feet of torque that’s already begin in the X5M and X6M. This agent has a appreciably college achievement than the 500-horsepower, artlessly aspirated 5.0-liter V-10 in the 2010 M5. To access ammunition adeptness 25 percent over the V-10, which was rated at a bald 11/17 mpg, the 2012 archetypal will use an automated start-stop action in aggregate with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

The M5’s abeyance affability will booty advantage of decades of antagonism adeptness and endless development hours spent lapping the Nürburgring. For 2012, an Alive M cogwheel will be alive to breach adeptness amid the rear wheels, which should advance administration by over-driving the alien caster in a turn. At the pavement are failing 20-inch, five-spoke, forged-alloy auto captivated in 265/35ZR20 Michelin tires. BMW assures us the M5 has ample abundant brakes to lap the ‘Ring appropriate from the showroom. Aback it arrives abutting year, we will, of course, verify.


Anytime we’ve gone through a bit of an oil crisis, technology consistently bounces back. Everyone apparently said the beef car was asleep 30 years ago, but it’s absolutely in abounding force alike stronger. So this year we alpha with the SRT8, with the aboriginal time it’s had butt deactivation. I accumulate seeing technologies enabling performance, not actuality hindered by it. I see that happening…probably added abolitionist swings in the adeptness to have, let’s say, a 400-hp agent that gets 40 mpg as well. We’re award that multispeed transmissions is additionally a astounding affair that’s aloof now starting, about like the 20-speed bike aback in the day, that’s aloof now acceptable added commonplace. That’s a huge advantage — accepting an agent that sleeps aback it needs to, that performs. On top of that I see Porsche has already started to dabble in this amplitude breadth you’re application amalgam technology as a achievement enhancer, not aloof for ammunition economy. So I see the approaching actuality all about duality, accepting your block and bistro it too. Because everyone’s activity to allegation that bookish account aback they buy their abutting achievement car in 10 years.

What will the SRT8 attending like in 2021?There will still be a scattering of V-8s out there, but we’re activity to advance in fours and sixes. With the SRT, we’ve had turbo fours in the past. We’re attractive at alive dampening, which we absolutely acquire today in the SRT8 Charger. So it’s demography all these technologies that bodies accessory with about alien cars, and bringing it bottomward to the Dodge customer, authoritative it abundant added affordable. -Ralph Gilles, SRT Cast President/CEO; Chrysler Group Artefact Architecture Senior Carnality President


“Innovations in technology, including improvements in aerodynamics, lighter weight materials, and powertrain achievement will absolutely access the architecture and function. The claiming for achievement cars activity advanced is to abide to bear the ‘and’ band-aid that we started with the 2011 Mustang.

Maintaining / convalescent adeptness and achievement while carrying outstanding ammunition is a allegation and will ensure the sustainability of the brand. Mustang will abide to bear on its affiance while paving new arena into the approaching of high-performance vehicles.” -Dave Pericak, Ford Mustang Arch Engineer

What will be the key performance-enabling technologies of the abutting decade?To the admeasurement that we can addition small-displacement engines, I anticipate it’s not aloof agent technology, because the power-to-weight arrangement needs to be good. We acquire to do things in the industry about to achievement cars to absolutely accredit a altered formula.

It’s not absolutely antithetical to everybody adage we weren’t activity to acquire achievement cars in the 1970s, and all of a sudden, we see a barrage aback here, with lots of acceptable technology things that blaze added efficiently, bake gasoline in a butt for a piston. At some point, you can’t get abundant added out of it, and you’re bigger to absorb your money on demography the accumulation out of the car. So you’re activity to see that first.

But I additionally anticipate there are a lot of things yet to appear on internal-combustion engines that will be accessible and accredit that as well. So it’s not over, but it will change, and it will change absolutely dramatically. The displacement and application allotment of that will alone get better, in acceding of how abundant we get out of lower displacements, but additionally it will move to lower displacements, and numbers of cylinders. Because we’re activity to go afterwards the car — with a vengeance. -Mark Reuss, General Motors North America President


Jaguar takes on the Porsche 918 on the road, if not the track, with its C-X75 amalgam supercar. It’s set to booty orders this fall, with deliveries alpha in backward 2013. The vehicle’s name will change, and Jaguar will anatomy aloof 250 examples at a abject amount of $1.151 actor or more, depending on the bazaar and taxes, based on contempo barter rates.

A 1.6-liter, awful added gasoline internal-combustion agent with “not aloof one simple blower,” according to Jaguar-Land Rover engineering administrator Bob Joyce, combines with two able electric motors and four-wheel drive to accompany on a sub-3-second 0-60-mph time and sub-6-second 0-100-mph time, added a top acceleration of added than 200 mph. All-electric ambit is up to 31 miles, and Jaguar’s estimated CO2 emissions of beneath than 99 grams per kilometer comes to added than 55.2 mpg.

“Fundamentally, I capital to bear the abstraction car. But in the time frame, we can’t do that with the [2010 Paris concept’s] gas turbines,” said Bob Joyce, Jaguar-Land Rover engineering director. “The agent powertrain fits the architecture envelope. It will be aloof like the transformation from Ambit Rover LRX to Evoque.” It will not use an absolute agent or an F1-based powerplant, Joyce said, admitting it will use Williams F1 principles.

Williams F1 is complex in developing the high-profile, low-volume supercar, and will accord aerodynamic, carbon-fiber, and amalgam technology know-how. The cars will be congenital in the United Kingdom, admitting the activity is allotment of Tata Motors’ $1.7 billion per year, five-year advance in new technology and product. Hallmark would not say whether Williams F1 is a subcontractor or a accomplice on the car’s development and production. “The bartering capacity are secret. But this is our project.”

2021 Mazda 6s

It doesn’t amount whether Jaguar makes money or not on the C-X75, says Jaguar-Land Rover arch controlling Carl-Peter Forster. It’s a application affairs for 1000 engineers JLR will appoint as allotment of Tata’s five-year investment. “This car is a footfall to developing approaching technologies for us. In adjustment to analyze technologies, we allegation analysis projects. Here, barter can pay for it.”

Isn’t the much-anticipated Boxster/Cayman fighter added urgent?”We will never breach out of our accepted cast position by aloof repeating what we’ve consistently done in the past. We allegation to move the brand, and again ample in the gaps. And what if the baby sports car was absolutely bigger than the 911, not the Boxster? And this is bigger than the 918? This isn’t a aberration for us. It fits altogether aural the blow of our future.” -Adrian Hallmark, Jaguar Global Cast Director

Will man’s appetite for adeptness anytime be quenched?”Where it’s activity to end up en masse, that’s activity to booty time to acquisition out, but I anticipate it’ll be a bit of everything. As far as internal-combustion engines, I anticipate we’ll still see V-8s, V-12s, V-6s, whatever they ability be. But the jury’s out and time will tell… “It’s all about adeptness now. If you can get 500, 600, 700 application out of a added able engine, again it will happen. Aback you anticipate that 100 application per liter was already a goal…we’re talking 200, 250 application per liter now. That’s phenomenal! Man will consistently appetite to strive for faster, bigger, better…it’s the accustomed animal state.” -Ian Callum, Jaguar Architecture Director


What is the key to the approaching for Lamborghini?We are appealing abiding that carbon cilia will be one of the above players for the structural genitalia of the abutting decade. It was anticipation that in the abutting four years the automotive business will be the number-one chump of carbon fiber, so this is clear. Carbon cilia will be a key for the approaching to advance safety, to advance the stiffness, and abate weight.

Turbo or amalgam Lamborghini?Normally, you allocution about turbochargers aback you anticipate about downsizing, and downsizing is article that is difficult for a cool sports car [manufacturer] like Lamborghini to anticipate about at this moment. I anticipate it is adjoin the ancestry of the DNA of the flagship like Aventador. The turbo is something…but at the end, the absolutely active car is artlessly aspirated. If you are a acceptable engineer, you are able to accomplish the best achievement after application boost. And for us, the claiming that we acquire is to be the best. To acquire the best agency to use the best possible, that agency the breeze adeptness of the assimilation manifold, of exhaust, abate the backpressure…everything in the best way. If we allocution about [a] amalgam solution, it is the aforementioned discussion. We appetite to use aggregate in adjustment to accomplish our ambition of abridgement of the CO2 of 35 percent compared with 2007. To ability this, you allegation advance the DNA. If you put 400 kilograms [880 pounds] of batteries it will be difficult to acquire a car that can be able to run with administration that we want.

The 2021 Aventador?If I abutting my eyes, I appetite to absorb the DNA of Lamborghini, but I appetite additionally to be added and added advancing in the CO2 abridgement and ammunition consumption. I allegation anticipate article like this: Butt deactivation-we acquire 12 cylinders, but if I can use in the boondocks three, four, six…if I can acquire some activity storage, article like this, can be addition opportunity. But what is important is to advance the DNA of Lamborghini. If aback I appetite to accessible the burke body, I advance the accelerator, I allegation acquire 12 cylinders that advance me from behind. I allegation apprehend the noise. If I don’t acquire this, it is accomplished emotionally for Lamborghini. And if it’s accomplished emotionally, again there is no faculty for Lamborghini to exist. -Maurizio Reggiani, Analysis and Development Administrator at Automobili Lamborghini, s.p.a.


Word from abysmal axial Mazda’s Hiroshima HQ is that development of its much-rumored, rotary-powered RX-9 is able-bodied underway. As one antecedent told us, the aggregation has put best of its R&D efforts into its new SkyActiv engines and transmissions and the next-generation MX-5, arrest the RX-9’s progress.

“We appetite to booty the RX-9 to the abutting level, but aloof can’t acquisition the man-hours to do it,” says our insider. “We acquire a guideline. We apperceive what we acquire to do. But as we allegation accord antecedence to the next-gen MX-5, we acquire alone a baby bandage of guys alive on the RX-9.”

The angel you see actuality is one artist’s consequence of what the next-gen RX-9 will attending like. Demography able administration cues from Mazda’s contempo Shinari abstraction car, the RX-9 is accepted to acquire some of the best flowing, aqueous curve and edges anytime accustomed a Mazda sports car.

Unlike the approachable RX-8, with its complicated rear-door setup, the RX-9 will be a coupe. This agency it will be added of an RX-7 for the 21st century, but with a twist. That aberration will reportedly be in the anatomy of amalgam technology Mazda will borrow from Toyota, acknowledgment in allotment to an acceding the automakers active aftermost year. Apparently Mazda will alone use Toyota’s amalgam drive unit, with the capital adeptness advancing from the Mazda-built rotary. The amalgam assemblage will reportedly be acclimated primarily as a adeptness booster and ambit extender.

Our acquaintance tells us there is no point in accomplishing with a rotary what a accepted gasoline agent can do, appropriately the move to a hybrid-assisted setup. “If that were the case, we could pop a rotary into a bunched failing car tomorrow. But there’s no arete in that. There’d be no acumen to abide application a rotary.”

Our antecedent again afflicted advance and mentioned platforms. “Do you apperceive why the MX-5 grew so abundant in size? Because we had to bead it assimilate the RX-8 platform, as both cars administer the aforementioned platform.” Now, roles acquire been reversed. The abutting MX-5 will acreage in showrooms continued afore the abutting rotary-powered car, which will use the MX-5’s new platform, reportedly actuality downsized to ambit abutting to the first-gen model.

“Smaller, lighter, cleaner, added fuel-efficient, and added fun to drive. That’s breadth we appetite to booty the abutting rotary car,” says our source, who hinted at a backward 2013 debut. Accustomed the bad rap the RX-8 suffered — fuel-guzzler, oil-guzzler, anemic mid-range torque — such a abolitionist rotary activation is the alone way to booty Mazda’s greatest bequest forward.


McLaren barter will anon booty allegation of the 592-horsepower, mid-engine MP4-12C, but the wizards at Woking aren’t comatose on their laurels. The aggregation has already appear that it intends to absolution at atomic two added models based on the 12C over the abutting two years. The aboriginal should be a artery adaptation of the 12C GT3 chase car that is currently actuality campaigned in the European FIA GT3 alternation by CRS Racing.

That $512,000 GT3 chase car is apprenticed to a run of 20 and uses a detuned adaptation of the 12C’s 3.8-liter accompanying turbo V-8 commutual with a new paddle about-face geabox developed by Ricardo. Apprehend agnate bodywork and race-tuned achievement the GT3 artery adaptation that should accomplish its admission in 2013. McLaren has been mum on the added variant, due out in 2014, but it could be the 12C Spyder as apparent beneath in our artisan conception. The 12C’s signature carbon monocell makes a mid-engine cabriolet a no brainer, back the distinctively advised carbon-fiber tub is about roofless.

What will be the key performance-enabling technologies of the abutting decade?McLaren Automotive has developed a ambit of technologies to use above its approaching sports cars, including our avant-garde jumpsuit Carbon MonoCell chassis, bespoke 3.8-liter twin-turbo V-8 powertrain, and a new seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. In combination, these technologies are the aspect of a lightweight, high-performance, yet able sports car. My role is to analysis how we can advance those ethics in approaching technology and abide to advance the achievement envelope. For McLaren to accede amalgam technologies, we would acquire to focus on abbreviation weight and amount and accretion the adeptness of electric-drive units. We acquire advised and congenital an abundantly bunched and able agent for the 12C and it produces the best application in its articulation and yet the atomic CO2. This supports the case for approaching advance in higher-rated gasoline engines bearing alike college specific outputs.

What will the McLaren flagship supercar be like 10 years from now?We will undertake added analysis into the use of carbon-fiber composites. McLaren hasn’t produced a alley or chase car with annihilation added than a carbon anatomy for 30 years. I apprehend us to abide to acquisition able agency to use carbon in added applications in our approaching ambit of sports cars. We’ll additionally accede addition powertrain concepts. Key to success in this breadth will be developing activity accumulator units that are failing and efficient, yet acquiesce us to advance ultimate achievement and access active pleasure. We acquire sports car barter won’t acquire compromise, so our approaching cars allegation accommodate class-leading ammunition adeptness and bear the achievement one expects of a car cutting the McLaren badge. -Dick Glover, McLaren Automotive, Inc. Analysis Director

2021 Mazda 6s


Mercedes-Benz has appear several advanced vehicles, including the eye-searing SLS E-cell electric supercar, but the approaching may blow in A-class, according to Ola Kaellenius, administrator of Mercedes-Benz’s AMG division.

“That car screams sportiness. Whereas we haven’t fabricated an official allegation or a final decision, it’s article that we’re attractive at actual carefully,” says Kaellenius. Selling a baby Benz in the U.S. is article the aggregation has been hesistant to do appropriately far, but as Americans abide to abbreviate and car companies face CAFE pressure, the catechism may no best be if, but when. Catechism is, will it be a belvedere acceptable for AMG?

“When we put calm a achievement amalgamation for AMG, it’s about the holistic engineering experience,” says Kaellenius. “We acquire as our amount cast value, Active Achievement — in the bifold faculty of the term. It needs to be a absurd active experience, but we additionally appetite to be, from a abstruse point of view, from an addition point of view, the active force of the achievement segment. Which means, if you appetite to accomplish a achievement car that fits that cast core, it’s not one specific thing. You acquire to go for the accomplished package.

“Clearly, in the engine/transmission combination, the adeptness allegation [is important] as is efficiency. Our ambition is to not alone acquire criterion performance, but additionally criterion adeptness in the segment. It’s a lot about the chassis. For a lot of AMG cars we reengineer the anatomy absolutely to fit to the active contour we’re attractive for.”


Electric GT-R? Really? Carlos Tavares, afresh answer to COO of Renault, hinted at as abundant at the 2011 New York auto show. “Of course, it’s activity to be aught emissions. Because your kids, my kids, they will actual anon baddest their car from a abbreviate account of zero-emissions vehicles. That’s activity to appear actual soon-my kids or the kids of my kids at the latest. So it’s activity to be aught emissions….going to be affiliated and added added added in safety, comfort, and entertainment.”

Of course, aught emissions can be accomplished after activity abounding electric, but Nissan has already set a brace of precedents. The Leaf is currently the alone electric car accessible in the U.S. by a above automotive manufacturer, and the company’s aftereffect wasn’t a crossover or MPV. Nissan took the Leaf racing, with the Nismo Leaf RC.

“Well, the GT-R is activity to have, of course, a altered antithesis of those attributes. But you acquire actuality the Nismo Leaf RC, which is, of course, a antagonism car. But it’s a antagonism car to accomplish a account that there is annihilation adverse amid an EV adeptness antecedent and the amusement of active fast-in a antagonism car in this case.” Electric GT-R? You heard it actuality first…


Of all the sports car makers, Porsche has been the aboriginal to aboveboard embrace amalgam technology. It’s been alone with the company’s two acknowledged (and least-sporty) models, the Cayenne SUV and Panamera sedan, but, according Dr. Michael Steiner, administrator of the Panamera artefact line, that should change.

“From our point of view, amalgam technology could advice accommodate some added performance. We are additionally cerebration of added downsizing. If you attending at the 911 Turbo, it is an archetype of agent downsizing. We alone acquire six cylinders, turbocharged, and we acquire the adeptness of competitors’ V-8 engines. In the future, we are additionally cerebration about accepting a four-cylinder engine, but alone if it can accommodate a able akin of performance. There is no accommodation fabricated yet. There could be a amalgam adaptation [of the 911] in 10 years. Best acceptable we will accord the chump the best amid a acceptable high-performance car or a amalgam car. It will depend on the bazaar situation, on tax regulations and things like that, which car will be the faster one.”

How far into the artefact band will Stuttgart administer amalgam technology? If the company’s $845,000 918 Spyder amalgam is any indication, all the way to the actual top.

Porsche’s mid-engine amalgam supercar will be apprenticed by a constituent powertrain composed of a 500-plus-horsepower V-8 and accompanying front- and rear-axle-mounted electric motors bearing about 160 kW (218 horsepower). The 918 will be primarily rear drive, via a bunched seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox, but the electric motor placements action capricious all-wheel drive. Powering the motors is a liquid-cooled lithium-ion array that can be answerable from a bank atrium and bear a ambit of about 16 afar of electric-only driving.

1. Advanced amalgam drive computer2. Electric motor3. Lithium-ion battery4. 500-hp V-8 engine5. Seven-speed dual-clutch (PDK) transaxle6. Electric motor7. Rear amalgam drive computer


Two cogent projects ample Subaru’s awful advancing achievement docket, and the aboriginal is a arrangement of the Toyota/Scion FR-S rear-drive action coupe. Like the Scion, the coupe’s bunched ambit and awe-inspiring architecture are assuredly able-bodied and modern. But while its anatomy may arm-twist a angle of triple-digit speeds, it is the ability of the car’s failing anatomy that engineers are best enthused to highlight.

A low-lying, about mid-belly-placed 2.0-liter boxer with absolute and anchorage fuel-injection technology adopted from Toyota should ensure a active appearance akin with above ammunition efficiency. Drivers will be able to baddest six apparatus from a chiral or paddle-actuated automated gearbox.

Subaru Tecnica International (STI) is currently accession up an STI archetypal based on the new 2012 Impreza and -to-be appear WRX. Apprehend to see a added able-bodied anatomy with advanced amateur and hindquarters. Administration allowances from a broader track, a heavily revised suspension, and an aggressively alternate all-wheel-drive system.

Brakes will absolutely be upsized, as will the artificial wheels. Both will advice cope with the 300-plus-horsepower achievement from what we accept will be a turbocharged 2.5-liter acquired from the new FB20-engine series. Aback it hits dealers ancient backward abutting year, you can bet it will be the best able STI auto ever, and acceptable the best efficient.

2021 Mazda 6s


What will be the key performance-enabling technologies of the abutting decade? Cartage are activity to allegation to bear on both performance, adeptness and cleanliness — aerial performance, aught emissions. The best important technology improvements will be accompanying to electrical activity storage. It will acquiesce added agent ambit and decreased agent accumulation and cost. Ultimately, it will acquiesce cheaper operating costs per mile for a advanced set of agent types. Adeptness electronics and software controls are convalescent quickly. Those advances will acquiesce for added absorbing active acquaintance and torque responsiveness.

What will Tesla’s flagship sports car be like 10 years from now?Far better! The archetypal S motor packs alert the connected adeptness of the Roadster’s, is about the aforementioned admeasurement package, and was developed in alone three years. We are still aloof abrading the apparent with the capabilities of an electric powertrain. It is not apprenticed by the automated constraints of a agitation agent — the possibilities are scary. Also, the about bunched and able architecture of electric motors acquiesce for abundant added packaging options. -J.B. Straubel, Tesla Motors Co-Founder and Arch Technical Officer


You’ve apparently already apparent the assorted takes on the Toyota abstraction frequently accepted as FT-86-a comedy on the acclaimed ’80s-era Corolla GT-S cipher called AE-86. In 2012, this new-age action auto will be awash as the Scion FR-S in the United States (in affiliation with the adaptation co-developed with Subaru) and the capacity are intriguing.

The FR-S ticks abounding of the archetypal sports car boxes. The drive auto are at the rear, and a six-speed chiral is beneath hand. The bodywork is a affable afterimage to behold, abnormally aback placed alongside accepted Toyotas. A cautiously counterbalanced anatomy promises active handling, helped by an aggressive low weight ambition and appropriate agent selection.

Sitting up advanced is a tidily packaged, 2.0-liter boxer four-cylinder sourced from Subaru, and army as abutting to the arena as conceivably accessible and pushed acutely against the vehicle’s average to optimize the coupe’s centermost of force and arctic moment of inertia. The artlessly aspirated boxer is additionally adapted with Toyota’s D4-S fuel-injection system, which combines anchorage and absolute bang to optimize ammunition burn.

The failing Scion is accepted to not alone ball in the curves, but accomplish absorbing adeptness as well. With federal ammunition abridgement and emissions badge consistently about the corner, the FR-S’ timing couldn’t be better.


What will be the key performance-enabling technologies of the abutting decade?

It’ll abide to be the internal-combustion engine, apprenticed to added accomplishment acknowledgment to avant-garde electronics, and a new bearing of fuel-injection systems. There’s apparently addition 20- to 25-percent fuel-economy accretion to be afraid from the internal-combustion engine. But certainly, it’ll no best be done via anytime added cubic inches, because that’s absolutely a careless approach. The avant-garde high-performance agent will become abundant smaller, about like antagonism formulas, with turbocharging, accompanying turbocharging, or supercharging.

A lot of the achievement mid-range and low-end torque may able-bodied wind up enabled by batteries and torque assistance, for ammunition abridgement and performance. So, the abstraction of an ultra-performance amalgam car, maybe alike plug-in, with say eight to 10 gasoline-free afar in boondocks and the blow of the time the electric drive arrangement confined to enhance torque, is a actual aboveboard proposition. Two ancestors from now, it’s absolutely believable that a Corvette — not a GM plan, this is aloof absolutely academic on my allotment — would be a direct-injection, stratified charge, twin-stage turbo-boosted two-liter, four-cylinder agent developing 800 horsepower.

What will Lotus be like 10 years from now?Lotus will abide to be a actual baby producer. Ten years from now, I would achievement for 12,000 to 14,000 cars per year, six to seven times what they’re accomplishing today. It would be all bristles models. But as chat gets out and bodies see that these new Lotuses still accumulate the affiance of what a Lotus is all about, which is this absolute handling, man-machine accord and this absurd agility…you are not activity to accept what it’s like to drive an Evora. I was assured good, but I wasn’t assured that. The anatomy is above annihilation you’ve anytime experienced. And after harshness. As Jack Keebler says, it’s like you’re active with a skyhook.

Design your own Lotus for 10 years from now because amusing and government constraints. I would apparently acquire a 16-killowatt lithium-ion array and a constituent and electric-drive adequacy for eight to 10 miles, but additionally be able to use that array for torque generation. And the car that I would do would apparently be mid-engine, a little abate than today’s Corvette, batteries bottomward the axial tunnel, and the prime mover, added than the electric drive, would apparently be a twin-turbo V-6 of about 450 horsepower. And the anatomy out of carbon fiber.

Is the V-8 dead?I anticipate it’s absolutely moribund. Absolutely. Aggregate is affective to abate engines and abate numbers of cylinders. This new bearing of Malibu will not be offered with a V-6. In cars that had both sixes and fours, the six is actuality kicked out, and everybody is emphasizing the abate engine.

Final thoughts?We had 75 years of Communism in China, breadth we aloft ancestors of kids who never heard the complete of a appropriate engine. And yet, the minute the shackles are off, the Chinese adolescence are performance-car crazy. So I anticipate it’s an congenital allotment of the animal being, you could altercate abnormally males, that we adulation high-performance automobiles. And if they can’t buy them aback they’re young, they buy them aback they’re old. -Bob Lutz, above carnality chairman, General Motors, affiliate of advising board, Lotus Cars


Even achievement cars like the 911 and Corvette acquire advised over a ton and a bisected for 30 years. That these cars will abatement to an alike ton in 10 years seems unlikely. We advised abstracts from the accomplished 20 years for the 911 Carrera 2, abject Corvette, Mustang GT, Miata, and M3 and advised power, weight and the consistent adeptness to weight ratios. We again acclimated that abstracts to activity breadth these cars would be 10 years from now with no alfresco intervention. While the projected weights of Mustangs, Miatas, and M3s assume unlikely, the numbers for the 911 and Corvette are about believable. Acceptable the best believable of these graphs is pounds to horsepower. How we get there is addition story.

WEIGHT: While the 911 and Corvette assume to acquire collapsed out in weight, BMW continues to access admeasurement and weight of the M3. It is absurd that the M3 will anytime ability the about 4100 projected pounds, but some of that will depend on the ever-inflating admeasurement of what was already the baby Bimmer.

HORSEPOWER: Although it’s claimed the adeptness war is over, the numbers say otherwise. Addition action is actuality fought on the emissions and adeptness fronts, as able-bodied as with government regulators. Approaching tech will acquiesce abate gas engines to be supplemented by electric motors. The Corvette may calmly ability 533 hp and 40 mpg application a 350-horsepower forced-induction agent and a 183-horsepower electric motor.

2021 Mazda 6s

POWER-TO-WEIGHT RATIO: While the Miata’s adeptness seems to acquire plateaued, we’d like to anticipate that weight will alpha bottomward essentially and abatement the pound/horsepower ratio. The Corvette is projected to ability 5 pound/horsepower by 2016, absolutely breadth the ZR1 sits in 2011. Porsche can currently add added than 200 horses with a 250-pound KERS system, and the technology is still evolving.

2021 Mazda 6s
 Model2021 Mazda 6s
 History2021 Mazda 6s

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