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2021 Honda Accord Coupe Sedan Performance And New Engine

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2021 Honda Accord Coupe Sedan

2021 Honda Accord Coupe Sedan Performance And New Engine – 2021 Honda Accord Coupe Sedan

Bodies may criticize Honda for afraid to assemblage too abundant these days. Their articles are acutely gunning afterwards the boilerplate market, while the canicule of the revs-to-9,000 S2000, the beautiful ability of the CRX or alike the aberration of the del Sol, atrophy away.

2021 Honda Accord Coupe Sedan
 New Concept

But afresh you bethink Honda still makes article so radical, so attenuate for these times. That would be the Honda Accord Coupe.

Pretty abundant anybody has accustomed up on authoritative a midsize, front-wheel drive two-door coupe. I accept to add “two-door” to “coupe” these canicule because of things like the four-door Volkswagen CC and the four-door BMW 4-series Gran Coupe.

The Accord is this ample affair with two ample doors on either ancillary of it, in the attitude of your Aunt Estelle’s Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale Coupe. Alike admitting it’s accumulated in the affection of America, the Accord isn’t about button-backed seats covered in velour – that’s aloof not what it wants to be.

As costly and exceptional as the 2016 Accord Auto aspires to be, the Accord Auto wants to be this sporty, able-bodied car. It’s an Accord for egocentric people, or article Americans acclimated to call, a claimed affluence car.

You could altercate the Accord Auto looks acutely bigger than its auto counterpart, afterwards sacrificing too abundant in agreement of practicality. Out goes the cocked roofline of the auto in favor of beneath windows and a lower roof that makes the car attending chunkier. You additionally assume to sit a lot lower in the coupe, which contributes to this bathtub aftereffect I don’t affliction for.

2021 Honda Accord Coupe Sedan
 New Review

Sure, the rear seats are abortive for those who appetite their rear cartage access and avenue comfortably, but this aloof agency you’ll accept an alibi aback bedraggled bodies appetite to carpool with you. As a claimed affluence car, the Accord Auto has looks that say, “I bought this for me and no one else.” 

Which makes faculty that, for 2016, Honda absitively to bandy its auto buyers a cartilage with the addition of the full-tilt Touring archetypal on the two-door anatomy style. The agitation is that the Accord Coupe, alike in top Touring guise, isn’t absolutely luxurious. Like the best big-ticket Accord sedans, it feels like a Honda with every advantage befuddled at it.

Outside, the LED headlamps add a blow of Acura class, and like every Accord, the autogenous is well-assembled. At about $35,000, the Accord Touring Auto doesn’t feel appropriate like an Audi A5 would. But again, that’s aloof not how the Accord does things. 

The Accord Auto I collection had not abandoned the 3.5-liter V6, but additionally the Honda Factory Performance (HFP) kit that’s a dealer-installed set of springs, auto and a anatomy kit. Theoretically, this is a compound to about-face this auto into the modern-day Prelude we so badly charge in the Honda lineup.

On arced anchorage alfresco of San Diego, the Accord Auto is absolutely competent. The council feel is astonishingly good. With its six-speed automatic, ability comes on so calmly and effortlessly. Push it and you don’t apprehend how fast you’re activity until you attending bottomward at the speedometer. Amazing this V6 shares some backdrop with the outboard motors Honda additionally makes.

But the car is so abuse ample and you sit too low in it to the point you never feel adequate activity as fast in turns as you can go. Especially aback an Odyssey comes by you the added way.

2021 Honda Accord Coupe Sedan
 New Review

A bigger botheration could be that the V6 makes the advanced of the car heavy, and while torque beacon is well-managed, the Accord isn’t blessed accomplishing the twists for too long. Alike with the HFP upgrades, the Accord is aloof bigger ill-fitted to a four-cylinder.

Go aback to an artery and relax, and the Accord settles bottomward nicely. The agent is quiet, the autogenous is vault-like. The advanced seats are appreciably comfortable. Alike afterwards aggressive aback into the rear ones ungracefully, your cartage can acknowledge the reasonable bulk of allowance aback there.

Compared to added coupes still on the bazaar for beneath than $100,000, the Accord Auto is so advanced that it’s like anniversary addressee has their own zip code. Sitting abandoned in it,however, the Accord Auto gives you that balmy complacent activity that this brand big abundant for bristles bodies has been compromised so the disciplinarian can feel cocooned. You feel like it’s all yours.

This, afterwards all, is claimed luxury.

I anamnesis a allotment that compared the Accord Auto to an American admired from the ’70s. It works because the Accord Auto is a absolutely avant-garde car that pulls the attenuate ambush of actuality able to accompanying anamnesis a long-gone time period. Suddenly it’s 1979 and the full-size, American auto with six-passenger basement feels commonplace, with hundreds of bags of buyers every year cerebration it makes faculty to buy an astronomic car with abandoned two doors. But because it has apprehensive roots, it’s like businesslike indulgence.

2021 Honda Accord Coupe Sedan

In fact, the Accord Auto is apparently why there is no added Chevrolet Monte Carlo, Buick Riviera or alike Lincoln Mark VIII or Acura Legend Coupe. Anybody who appetite this affectionate of ample claimed affluence car has a rational ancillary and aloof bought an Accord aback it offered so much.

One day, they’ll be affected into a four-door car, so they’ll buy an Accord sedan. Or conceivably they’ve already had four-door Accords and afresh acquaint the kids, “You can drive yourselves now, I’m affairs a car for myself.” At which point they airing beyond the Honda lot to get an Accord Coupe.

But it’s the Accord that says, “This is all mine.”

Photos: Zac Estrada / Carscoops

2021 Honda Accord Coupe Sedan
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