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2021 Bentley Continental GT New Concept

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2021 Bentley Continental GT

2021 Bentley Continental GT New Concept – 2021 Bentley Continental GT

2020 Bentley Continental GT V8 auto aboriginal drive

2021 Bentley Continental GT
 New Concept

If you’re spending six abstracts on a car, affairs are you don’t like accomplishing things in bisected measures. Flying in the face of this fact, Bentley is action that buyers of its abundant Continental GT will be absorbed in downsizing. Bentley is ablution a beggarly 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 advantage alongside the flagship 6.0-liter twin-turbo W12. The V8 is (slightly) beneath expensive, and added ammunition efficient, but additionally beneath powerful. This isn’t about pragmatism, though.

Bentley is to , Bentley tries to accomplish its cars sportier and added agreeable than those of its baronial rival, all after sacrificing luxury. The Continental GT V8 is declared to action the best agreeable alive acquaintance of any accepted Bentley.

To acquisition out if a less-powerful car can absolutely be added fun, Bentley arrive Agenda Trends to absorb a day alive the 2020 Continental GT V8 from California’s Napa Valley to Silicon Valley. Coupes like our analysis car alpha at $198,500, or $16,100 beneath than a W12 model. But the amount rises bound already advantage boxes are ticked. Notable options on our analysis car included an $8,800 Naim audio system, $6,364 Bentley Rotating Display, and the Touring Specification ($8,385) and City Specification ($5,360) packages, which add assorted disciplinarian aids.

Unless you pop the hood, on the alfresco it’s adamantine to acquaint a V8-powered Continental GT from a W12 model. The alone giveaways are cloister tailpipes and attenuate “V8” exoteric badges. Aggregate abroad is the aforementioned – which is not a bad thing.

Bentley is all about accumulation acceptable affluence with a dosage of sportiness, and the Continental GT’s exoteric administration conveys that perfectly. It’s a actual big car with an upright, academic grille. Round headlights accord the car a hardly awakening look. But the big caster arches (Bentley offers auto up to 22 inches in bore to ample them) encased in arresting fender creases (made by heating aluminum panels to 932 degrees Fahrenheit and abstraction them into shape) add some beheld muscle. Bentley was additionally quick to agenda changes in accommodation from the antecedent Continental GT, which took a lot of accomplishment to achieve.

“These are actual big-ticket millimeters,” Peter Guest, Bentley artefact band director, said of the shifts, which included a beneath advanced overhang and an adapted wheelbase that created added allowance amid the advanced arbor and doors for a archetypal cab-rearward silhouette. It all adds up to a car that looks abundant tauter and added able-bodied than its predecessor.

One gets the consequence that “plastic” is a bedraggled chat at Bentley.

But a Bentley is absolutely all about the autogenous experience. The affection of the abstracts and the adroitness accommodate the awareness of sitting in an English aristocrat’s parlor, and put best added cars to shame. Almost aggregate you blow – alike the about-face arresting stalks – is absolute metal, wood, or leather. One gets the consequence that “plastic” is a bedraggled chat at Bentley.

2021 Bentley Continental GT

Here’s an archetype of Bentley’s absorption to detail. Our analysis car additionally sported Côtes de Genève, a blazon of machined aluminum analysis on the center-console trim console usually aloof for accomplished Swiss watches. Grooves are cut into the metal to absolute blueprint by animal craftspeople, not robots, creating a high-quality allotment with a handcrafted feel not commonly apparent in avant-garde cars. It’s too bad all of that agleam metal additionally blinds the disciplinarian back the sun is at the amiss angle.

Interior classiness wasn’t a botheration for the previous-generation Continental GT, but its abridgement of abreast tech was. Bentley adapted that with the Continental GT W12, and those tech appearance backpack over to the V8 model.

The Continental GT V8 is accessible with a agenda apparatus cluster, heads-up display, and a 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment arrangement based on Audi’s MMI. That’s a appealing solid foundation, and we activate it as automatic to use this time about as back we sampled it in a Continental GT W12 convertible recently. However, Bentley alone offers Apple CarPlay, so Android Auto users are out of luck. While we admired the digitally rendered gauges, we acquainted the map cartoon were a bit basal for a $200,000 car.

Most added genitalia of the acquaintance altogether alive up to the amount tag, though. For instance, the axial touchscreen is there back you charge it, but with the alternative Bentley Rotating Affectation it disappears back you don’t. That eliminates a above aberration while driving, and the birthmark of a bare awning back the car is off.

Bentley wasn’t as able back it came to disciplinarian aids. The Continental GT V8 has them, including adaptive cruise control, lane accumulate assist, and night vision, but they’re alternative extras, and annihilation you won’t acquisition on other, beneath big-ticket cars.

As with the Continental GT W12, the V8 archetypal gets three audio arrangement options: the standard, unbranded arrangement boasts 10 speakers and 650 watts, the mid-level Bang & Olufsen arrangement cranks things up to 1,500 watts, with 16 speakers, while the range-topping advantage is an 18-speaker, 2,200-watt, Naim system. Our analysis car had the Naim system. Its affair allotment is a alternation of bass transducers beneath the advanced seats that let the disciplinarian and advanced commuter feel the music as able-bodied as apprehend it. Specifically, it acquainted both like accepting a beating and like alive over a washboard road. We activate the arrangement absorbing overall, but the best sounds in the Continental GT still appear from the beneath the hood, not from the speakers. 

This is one case area the numbers don’t acquaint the accomplished story.

The Continental GT V8 has affluence of power, and can ability doubtful speeds actual quickly, but on cardboard the added big-ticket W12 archetypal of advance trounces it. The 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 generates 542 application and 568 pound-feet of torque, but the 6.0-liter twin-turbo W12 makes 626 hp and 664 lb-ft. The V8 auto can advance from aught to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds, according to Bentley. That’s actual absorbing for a car belief the equivilant of a baby cottage at about 5,000 pounds, but the W12 is 0.3 additional quicker. The V8 auto can top 198 mph, according to Bentley, but the W12 can do 207 mph.

2021 Bentley Continental GT
 Release Date

Those few tenths of a additional and afar per hour don’t beggarly abundant back you’re abaft the caster of this rolling palace. The Continental GT V8 is the bigger of the two engines to drive. The V8 is alone a bit lighter than the W12, but it makes a massive aberration in council feel. Removing that little bit of weight from the advanced end makes the car feel livelier, and added acquisitive to about-face in back cornering. The V8 sounds better, too. It’s both louder and added alarming than the W12, giving some attitude to this contrarily buttoned bottomward affluence cruiser. It’s like bond assumption duke with a Savile Row suit.

The transmission’s addiction to second-guess the disciplinarian contradicts the Continental GT’s antic mission.

Like the Continental GT W12, the V8 archetypal gets accepted all-wheel drive and an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission. Bentley autonomous for a dual-clutch gearbox instead of the acceptable torque-converter automatic to accomplish faster shifts, admitting at the accident of refinement. It seemed like a advantageous tradeoff: we didn’t apprehension any decidedly asperous shifts, and the dual-clutch gearbox was absolutely absolutely fast. We aloof ambition it would authority apparatus in chiral mode. The transmission’s addiction to second-guess the disciplinarian contradicts the Continental GT’s antic mission.

The Continental GT V8 additionally gets the Bentley Dynamic Ride alive abeyance arrangement from the W12 archetypal and the Bentayga SUV, although it’s not accepted equipment. A 48-volt electrical arrangement admiral electric motors, which dispense the anti-roll bars. The arrangement about tugs on the anatomy to annul cycle in corners, but can additionally abstract the anti-roll confined in Comfort approach to accredit a smoother ride. The arrangement is key to authoritative such a big, heavy, car ball through corners, after compromising the ride affection Bentley barter expect.

Bentley Dynamic Ride additionally contributes to one of the best arresting things about the Continental GT: it’s one of the few cars area alteration the alive approach absolutely makes a difference. In Sport mode, dispatch goes from quick to ferocious, and the abeyance stiffens up appreciably. Comfort approach makes alley imperfections disappear, admitting at the big-ticket of administration sharpness. The absence Bentley approach offers a acceptable accommodation amid the two breach personalities.

EPA fuel-economy ratings for the Continental GT V8 are not accessible at this time, as U.S. deliveries won’t activate until after this year. The V8 will acceptable be added fuel-efficient than the W12, attributable to its abate displacement. But accustomed the all-embracing admeasurement of both engines, “less of a gas guzzler” is apparently a added authentic description.

The Bentley Continental GT has a baby accumulation of rivals, anniversary alms a hardly altered booty on the big affluence auto concept.

Mercedes-AMG S63 auto (base price: $170,445): The S63 is additionally powered by a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8, but it has added ability (603 hp and 664 lb-ft). The Merc is quicker to 60 mph than the Bentley (3.4 seconds) but has a lower top acceleration (186 mph). Mercedes offers added busy infotainment tech and added disciplinarian aids, but Bentley can affirmation a nicer autogenous and bluff handling.

2021 Bentley Continental GT

BMW M850i xDrive (base amount $112,895): It’s a agnate adventure to the big Merc here. BMW’s flagship coupe has beneath ability than the Bentley (523 hp, 553 lb-ft), is quicker to 60 mph (3.6 seconds) and has a lower top acceleration (155 mph). BMW additionally offers added infotainment tech and disciplinarian aids at a lower amount than Bentley, but the 8 Alternation additionally feels like added of a article product.

Rolls-Royce Wraith (base price: $322,500): Rolls-Royce doesn’t do an entry-level V8 adaptation of its coupe, so the alone agent accessible in the Wraith is a 624-hp V12. But admitting the added cylinders, the Wraith takes 4.4 abnormal to ability 60 mph from a standstill. While a Rolls is still the ultimate cachet symbol, the Wraith is additionally a abundant earlier architecture the Continental GT, with beneath accepted tech.

Aston Martin DB11 V8 (base price: $198,995): This Aston uses a adaptation of Mercedes-AMG’s 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8, authoritative 503 hp and 513 lb-ft of torque. The Bentley is 0.1 additional quicker to 60 mph, and has a college top speed, but the Aston has a abundant sportier character, bridging the gap amid admirable tourer and full-on sports car. However, that abnormally impacts the interior, which is awkward and about underwhelming compared to the Bentley cockpit. The Aston additionally lacks a touchscreen.

Bentley offers a three-year assurance with absolute mileage. The Continental GT shares abounding apparatus with the Bentayga SUV, and the V8 agent is beneath circuitous than the W12, but all-embracing this is still a actual complicated car that requires a aerial accepted of maintenance. Crash-test ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) are not accessible at this time.

Our ideal Continental GT V8 auto would be able agnate to our analysis car. We would add the Bentley Dynamic Ride abeyance system, Bentley Rotating Display, the Naim audio system, and the Touring Specification and City Specification packages, in adjustment to accretion disciplinarian aids.

Buying a Bentley is about added than accumulating a continued account of options, though. Bentley offers 17 accepted exoteric acrylic colors, and up to 70 colors in its “extended range.” On the inside, barter can accept amid 17 covering adumbrate colors, nine appearance trim options, and adverse stitching. There is no alibi not to go agrarian with colors, and accomplish a car unique.

What it lacks in raw power, the 2020 Bentley Continental GT V8 added than makes up for in character. The V8 agent adds an added band of awareness to this august coupe, and still offers added balance than best drivers will anytime need, anyway. In the Bentley, beneath absolutely is more.

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